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Student FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that is not answered here, just email or call us!

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Buying Books

What are your hours?

Click here to see our hours.

When are booklists posted online?

We post booklists online during the first week of classes. If you need book information before that time, we suggest blitzing your professor for a copy of the syllabus.

When are books on the shelves for the upcoming term?

Books for the upcoming term are put up on a rolling basis starting during exam week of the preceding term. The arrival date of a given book depends on when the order was placed with us by the professor, but the majority of books will be on the shelves the weekend before classes start. If individual books or entire courses will not be available for the start of classes, we put up detailed notes that let you know when they will arrive.

What if I want to buy books not being used for classes?

We are always happy to personal order books for you! Standard shipping is always free and we discount all new and used books on personal orders. Email or call us for more information or to place a personal order.

How can I pay for my books?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, as well as personal checks, traveler's checks, gift certificates, and cash. Your parents can provide us with their credit card information if they would like your purchases charged home. Remember that Dartmouth College terminated the SA Cash/BB1 program--we can no longer charge to that account. We cannot accept DASH (which is used only for on-campus purchases).

What if books run out for one of my classes?

If your class over-enrolls and you're left without some of the books, you can reserve copies using our reserve-reorder service by speaking with a staff member or contacting us. This guarantees you copies of the books you need and saves you the hassle of checking back with us. When the books you need arrive in the store, we'll charge them to your credit card, blitz you to let you know they're in, and hold them for you to pick up. Click here to learn more about reserve-reorders, or see the next section for FAQs about reserve-reorders.

Book Reserve-Reorder Program

Why should I use the reserve-reorder service?

Our reserve-reorder program ensures you’ll be covered if your class over-enrolls. You’ll be notified immediately via blitz when the books you need are here in the store and we’ll hold your copies until it is convenient for you to come in and pick them up. If out-of-stock books are returned, we can turn them right around and get them to you!

Can I request used or new condition books specifically when I place my order?

Yes! You can specify you only want a certain condition (and don’t want books ordered if the condition you specified isn’t available). You can also specifiy that you prefer one condition but will accept the other. Please note that we cannot guarantee that books in the condition you requested will be available at our distributors' warehouses.

Why do you need my credit card information in order to place a reserve-reorder for me?

We won’t charge your credit/debit card until the books you order arrive in the store. However, we do need your payment information in order to hold books for you. If we can’t charge you for the books we order, we need to put them on the shelf to be available for other students. We can only hold books for people who pre-pay for them!


What if I need to return books?

You can return both used and new books for a full refund up until the last day for refunds as long as you have your receipt with you. The last day for refunds changes each term, but is generally one week after the start of classes. This date is posted throughout the store and printed on your receipt. The staff will always draw your attention to it during any purchase. Remember that new books must be in new condition and shrink-wrapped sets must be unopened to obtain the full refund! Readers are non-refundable.

Why can't I return books after the last day for refunds?

We are responsible for reporting inventory and making returns to publishers within the time limit specified by our distributors. In order to meet their requirements, we must close the refund period and settle our accounts by the second week of the term.

Why do I need a receipt to make a return?

Your receipt shows that you purchased the book at Wheelock during the appropriate time period and that you have not previously returned the book corresponding to that purchase. It also tells us the payment method you used so we can issue you a refund in kind.

Why must shrink-wrapped sets be unopened to obtain a full refund?

Publishers will not allow us to return opened shrink-wrapped sets, therefore we cannot offer a full refund on them. We put stickers on all shrink-wrapped sets, letting you know that there is “No Return if Unwrapped.” If you're not sure you're taking a class, don't open the set! If you find yourself with an opened set you no longer need, you can bring it to BuyBack.

Why are readers non-refundable?

Wheelock Books publishes and prints readers. We are unable to offer refunds on them because we pay for each copy in advance and print shops won't let us return them. The bulk of the cost for a reader is copyright royalty fees. These fees are non-refundable, so once we've sold a reader, there is no way to recoup the expense either of printing or of copyright fees.


Do you offer a student discount?

We are a discount bookstore--all of our books are already discounted 5-50% for all customers. We do not require you to purchase a membership or engage in price comparisons with other stores to take advantage of our discounts. Check the course cards for individual savings! Our discounts save students over $500,000 a year.


Can I get a job at Wheelock?

We offer 12-18 students part-time employment during Bookrush and 3-5 students part-time employment during each term. We also offer three full-time year-long managerial positions to graduated students. If you are interested in working at Wheelock, click here for more information or drop by the store to chat with one of us!