Wheelock Books.com Store Policies

Sales on Wheelock Books are all Preorder sales.

Preorder sales are defined as those which occur before the term in which the books will be utilized. We conform solely to the Dartmouth undergraduate academic calendar. If you Preorder a book we will send it to your Hinman Box unless otherwise indicated. Keep in mind that any book purchased as a Preorder will ship when it arrives in the store, which is oriented around the upcoming term. Books shipped to a non-Hinman-Box location may take several weeks to arrive. If you have specific time constraints, please call us during normal business hours at 603-643-6567 to discuss the most appropriate action.

If a book is canceled or unobtainable we will contact you via email about the changes and offer you the available alternative actions. These actions include but are not limited to: purchase of an alternative edition, purchase of a book in a different condition (new or used), or the issuing of a refund.

If you want to return your book for any other reason, you need to bring it into the store with a copy of your receipt before the last day for refunds. The book needs to be in the same condition as purchased.

Buyback prices are updated as frequently as possible and may fluctuate based on national demand.

The Amazon and Half prices are also updated as frequently as possible. Amazon price corresponds to the new book price as sold directly from Amazon.com. The Half price corresponds to the average price of a book in Good condition on Half.com.