Who We Are

Wheelock Books is owned, managed, and staffed by Dartmouth alumni and students. We're always happy to help your students by answering questions about books, classes, the D-plan, academic departments, opportunities they should take advantage of at Dartmouth, and life in Hanover!

We are a no-frills bookstore--the discounts we receive on textbooks are passed directly on to the students rather than invested in fancy wooden shelves or countertops. All our books are discounted up to 40%. We do not require students to subscribe to a membership program to take advantage of our discounts, and we make every effort to be competitive with online pricing.

Below please find some information specifically designed to answer the questions we often receive from parents. We hope that this is helpful to you!

Paying for Students' Books

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to pay for your student's books. To purchase a gift certificate, simply call us at 603-643-6567, email us at wheelockbooks@wheelockbooks.com, or stop by the store with the following pieces of information:

  1. Your name(s).
  2. The name of the student who will be using the gift certificate.
  3. The amount you would like the gift certificate made out for (a good rule of thumb is to budget about $100 per class per term).
  4. Payment information. Over the phone or via email we except MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. In the store we also accept cash and checks.

If students only use a portion of the amount on a given gift certificate, we will write them a new certificate for the balance. Gift certificates never expire!

Paying By Credit Card

We can also take credit card information over the phone and charge your student's books to the card you specify (keeping to any limit you should wish us to place on the purchase). We always keep your credit card information confidential and dispose of it in a secure manner.

Our Returns Policy

Students may return both new and used books for a full refund up until the last day for returns (different every term, but generally lines up with the last day they may switch classes). They must have their receipt with them in order to obtain the full refund, and new books must be in new condition. If textbooks have become damaged while in the student's possession or they have written in new books, we cannot offer a full refund. Depending on the level of damage, we may be able to offer them a percentage of the price they paid. If we cannot do so, we may suggest that they bring the book(s) to our Buy Back service. Shrink-wrapped sets cannot be returned for the full refund if they have been opened - this is a policy that comes from the publisher. We clearly mark all packages that must remain wrapped and alert students when they are making their purchases to all non-returnable items or items that require special care in order to be returnable.

Selling Books Back

We run a Book Buy Back service every day of the undergraduate term. During the beginning and middle of the term, we buy students' old books back at prices set by national used book distributors (typically anywhere from 0-35% of the cover price). We then sell these books to the distributors at the same price we pay to students. The more used books we supply to the distributors, the more used books they'll sell to us in return, and the more used books we will be able to offer to students.

During the reading period which precedes exams, we offer two additional services. During this period, students receive one dollar in store credit (Buy Back Bucks) for every book of value that they sell back in addition to the cash we pay for their books. They can also receive up to 50% of the cover price on books that we will be stocking for classes being offered in the following term.

Books brought to Buy Back must be in decent condition. Bindings must be intact and all the pages must be present. Texts cannot be water damaged and lab manuals and workbooks must be clean. Creases, wrinkles, highlighting/underlining, etc. are acceptable as long as the text is still legible.

Some books have $0.00 value in buy back. These books are generally old editions or esoteric books for which there is no national demand. Wheelock Books donates $0.00 value books that students do not want to keep to Better World Books and Books for Africa. You can find more information about their programs at www.betterworldbooks.com and www.booksforafrica.org.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for us!