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Wheelock Books Information

  1. The average Dartmouth student can easily spend $250-$300 on books per term.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask questions; everyone who works at Wheelock Books is intimately familiar with Dartmouth life and courses.
  3. If a book you need is not in the store, be sure to stay in touch with your professor because we continually update them via blitz.
  4. Return period usually ends a week after the first day of classes.
  5. Books in shrinkwrap that have been opened cannot be returned to us because we cannot return them to the publishers.
  6. You must have both of your receipts from purchase to make a return--no exceptions.
  7. Readers are not returnable because we pay production expenses up front, and we cannot return them to the printer.
  8. Readers may be more expensive than you expect because of the copyright fees we must pay to produce them.
  9. In addition to cash, if you do Book BuyBack during finals period you will receive "BuyBack Bucks", which are worth $1 in store credit for every book we buy from you.

Things we wish we'd known before we got to Hanover:

  1. There are two Thayers: the dining hall and the engineering school.
  2. There are two Hinmans: your mail boxes and the dorms.
  3. It's a really good idea to plan out your course schedule to satisfy your distributive requirements with courses you're actually interested in taking. Otherwise, you're stuck taking classes you hate just because you need to fill requirements.
  4. Take your swimming test--they're serious about the whole not graduating thing!
  5. Leave a judgmental mindset in high school. Everyone here is cool in his or her own way.
  6. Free movie (DVD and VHS) rentals in the Jones Media Center in Berry!
  7. If you think about it, the River and East Wheelock aren't that far apart--you can still be friends with "those kids."
  8. Get some distribs out of the way early--it's really annoying to do them as a senior.
  9. The professor has the most impact on the quality of a course. He or she can make it or break it.
  10. Try to take at least one tiny (less than 5 people) class.
  11. Advance Transit is easy and FREE! Use it to get around the Upper Valley. If you're nice to drivers, they'll let you off wherever you want.
  12. Wear dark pants during mud season. Do this, or you'll suffer later!
  13. Make friends with people with cars and offer to pay for gas.
  14. Bring less stuff than you think you need--you'll accumulate lots.
  15. Bring your favorite book from childhood.
  16. Manchester Airport is less stressful and closer than Logan. Try it.
  17. There's a pharmacy vending machine at Dick's House.

Things to do at Dartmouth before you graduate:

  1. Visit the greenhouse on the top of the biology building (Gilman).
  2. Climb the bell tower at least once--but only during official tours!
  3. Take Music 10.
  4. Collis dinner pasta with your choice of sauces/veggies/cheese is the most delicious meal on campus. Find your own favorite combo!
  5. Walk to Nathan's Garden. Take your lunch and hang out.
  6. First three weeks of October are the best time for swimming in the river.
  7. Go to sports events--it's fun!
  8. Visit the Montshire Museum in Norwich.
  9. Rent tubes in West Hartford on Route 14 to go tubing on the river!
  10. Go swimming at Union Village Dam.

Inspirational Dartmouth Graduates:

  • "Stephen Colbert" '86 (assumed) - Stephen Colbert's persona on The Colbert Report, a self-obsessed right-wing news commentator with an irrational fear of bears
  • Shonda Rhimes '91 - Screenwriter, Director, Producer, best known for producing Grey's Anatomy
  • Joseph Cambell '26 - author of The Hero of a Thousand Faces, which inspired the movies Star Wars and The Matrix
  • Rachel Dratch '88 - Actress, cast member on Saturday Night Live
  • Buck Henry '51 - Actor, Writer, Director, shared Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay for The Graduate
  • Phil Lord '97 and Christopher Miller '97 - "Clone High" creators
  • Captain Kangaroo - children's TV show host
  • Beth Robinson '86 - chief lawyer in Vermont civil unions case
  • Robert Frost - poet
  • Mr. Rogers - your neighbor
  • Dr. Seuss '25 - children's book author, political cartoonist
  • Brenda Withers and Mindy Cook - playwriters, "Matt and Ben"
  • Norman McClain - writer of "A River Runs Through It", only two-time recipient of University of Chicago's Distinguished Teacher Award
  • William McDonough - architect, designed Oberlin College's Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, a self-sustaining building
  • Guila Irwin '03 - first Native American woman to be commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps
  • James Newman '78 - astronaut
  • Steve Herman '91 - President of the Civil Justice Foundation
  • Paul Binder '63 - Big Apple Circus Founder and Artistic Director
  • Pamela Wheeler '89 - lawyer and Director of Operations for the Women's National Basketball Players Association
  • Regina Barreca '79 - writer, comedian
  • Lori Arviso Alvord '79 - first female Navajo surgeon, Associate Dean at Dartmouth Medical School, author
  • C. Everett Koop '37 - former US Surgeon General
  • Brett Haber '91 - Emmy Award-winning journalist and former co-host of ESPN's Sports Center
  • Michael McGean '49 - former competitive figure skater and world ice dance champion
  • Louise Erdrich '76 - author
  • Linda Behnken '84 - commercial fisherman, and Director of the Alaska Longline Fisheries Association
  • Anne Rand '86 - Deputy Director of the USS Constitution Museum