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Book Buy Back

We run a Book Buy Back service every day of the undergraduate term. During the beginning and middle of the term, we buy your old books back at prices set by national used book distributors (typically anywhere from 0-35% of the cover price). We then sell these books to the distributors at the same price we pay to students. The more used books we supply to the distributors, the more used books they'll sell to us in return, and the more used books we will be able to offer to you.

During the reading period which precedes exams, we offer two additional services. During this period, you receive one dollar in store credit (Buy Back Bucks) for every book of value that you sell back in addition to the cash we pay for your books. You can also receive up to 50% of the cover price on books that we will be stocking for classes being offered in the following term.

Books brought to Buy Back must be in decent condition. Bindings must be intact and all the pages must be present. Texts cannot be water damaged and lab manuals and workbooks must be clean. Creases, wrinkles, highlighting/underlining, etc. are acceptable as long as the text is still legible.

Some books have $0.00 value in buy back. These books are generally old editions or esoteric books for which there is no national demand. Wheelock Books donates $0.00 value books that you do not want to keep to Better World Books and Books for Africa. You can find more information about these programs at and

Email us for more information. We welcome your feedback!