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Wheelock's Book Reserve-Reorder Program

Are we out of stock of books you need?

Use our Book Reserve-Reorder Program!

Leave contact and payment information with an employee at the counter. We’ll place special rush orders for the books you need, at no extra charge to you. You’ll still get our regular term discounts on all reserve-reordered titles!

It takes aproximately 2-5 days for your copies to arrive. If the books you need come back to the store as refunds, we’ll let you know. You could have your books within hours!

When your books arrive, we’ll charge your credit card and blitz you to let you know they’re here. Since you’ve paid for the books, we can hold them for you until it is convenient for you to come in and pick them up.


Why should I use the reserve-reorder service?

Our reserve-reorder program ensures you’ll be covered if your class over-enrolls. You’ll be notified immediately via blitz when the books you need are here in the store and we’ll hold your copies until it is convenient for you to come in and pick them up. If out-of-stock books are returned, we can turn them right around and get them to you!

How do refunds work on books I reserve-reorder?

If your books arrive before the last day for refunds, the normal last day for refunds will apply to your reserve-reorder purchase. If you order your books before the last day for refunds but they arrive after that date, you’ll have a 24-hour grace period from the time you receive our blitz to come in to the store and conduct a refund. All reserve-reorders placed after the last day for refunds (like all purchases made in the store at that point) are non-refundable. If you have any questions about how refunds will apply to your reserve-reorder purchase, ask a member of our staff when placing your order. Also, all blitzes you receive will contain detailed information about the refund date that applies to your order.

Can I request used or new condition books specifically when I place my order?

Yes! You can specify you only want a certain condition (and don’t want books ordered if the condition you specified isn’t available). You can also specifiy that you prefer one condition but will accept the other. Please note that we cannot guarantee that books in the condition you requested will be available at our distributors' warehouses.

Why do you need my credit card information in order to place a reserve-reorder for me?

We won’t charge your credit/debit card until the books you order arrive in the store. However, we do need your payment information in order to hold books for you. If we can’t charge you for the books we order, we need to put them on the shelf to be available for other students. We can only hold books for people who pre-pay for them!

Still have questions? Contact us.